The Power of Managing Your Mindset Through Meditation

At around midnight on Saturday, the cycle of life marked another milestone with the birth of my newest grandchild.

It’s so easy right now, and no one could blame us, to focus on the constant news cycle chewing on our thoughts, but life going on in an infinite and beautiful way is what we are meant to experience.

See, right now, mindset, or at least managing our mindset is everything.

I’ve also spent the last three action-packed days rolling in the dirt experiencing joy, only joy, through the eyes of the two-year-old grandchild my wife and I are hanging out with as my daughter and partner go through the process of childbirth at this amazing moment.

Let me just say, If you ever need a shot of what’s important in the moment just watch a child pick up some sand, turn it magically into soup, and then laugh uncontrollably about the fact that it is, of course, just sand. That mind, that mindset could serve us all right now.

Yes, what we are experiencing is real, scary, and potentially costly and painful, but maybe, just maybe, everything we are experiencing right now is here to teach us that holding on to our expectations of what normal is might be robbing us of who we are meant to be.

I know, a tad philosophical today, but that’s just how I’m feeling.

For many years meditation has been a potent tool for helping me manage my mindset, stress levels, and even my overall health. If you’ve never tried it, tried it and thought, “I’m no good at this,” then I would suggest you go pick it up right now.

The studies and science behind the benefits are now overwhelming and if you are currently experiencing additional stress, loss of sleep, inability to focus, or other anxiety-related pressures, meditation is just good medicine.

Here are a few suggestions for starting a practice.

  • Get the Ananda app from Deepak Chopra – it offers short, guided meditations that will ease you into the habit.
  • Oh, and go hang out with a child as often as possible

Mindset in these times is either a powerful tool for seeing the way forward or a prison that makes us live in fear – the good news is we get to choose which it is.