The 7 Pillars of Self-Reliance

If you are new here let me first say – Welcome to Daily Self-Reliance

Below you’ll find the 7 pillars of self-reliance. They make up the practices that we must master on the journey to becoming fiercely self-reliant. You’ll find these themes repeated often throughout The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur and within each pillar, you’ll also find a growing collection of posts and resources related to the topic.

1) Trust

More than anything else this is about trusting yourself, your heart, and your ideas.

2) Courage

Following y0our unique path may be the most courageous act of all.

3) Curiosity

To wonder, explore, and experience – it’s all we are here to do.

4) Mindfulness

How much joy and happiness do we waste spending time living in the past or future rather than the present. Mindfulness is perhaps the gateway to unlocking the other six pillars as it’s a practice that lets us focus on the here and now, the important. Read a collection of mindfulness posts here.

5) Non-judgment

Minute by minute our mind is engaged in judging and experiencing just about everything as right and wrong.

6) Resilience

History has shown that the most successful entrepreneurs have a way of reframing every success and failure as little more than a chance to learn

7) Grace

When you practice grace you can no longer feel sorry for yourself and your circumstances.